Stranger Things AR Portal Lens

October 2017
Stranger Things / Netflix: Stranger Things AR Portal Lens


Expectation was sky-high leading into Stranger Things Season 2, a show that was dominating global pop culture. How could Netflix satisfy this massive fan base?

Our solution was Snapchat's first ever Portal Lens, bringing fans inside their obsession like never before, at scale. Users everywhere walked through an AR door into the world of Stranger Things, physically exploring a room to find hidden payoffs. Despite the novelty of the Lens, navigating the space was intuitive to Snapchatters, who are trained in AR behavior.

The Portal Lens ran in Netflix’s key markets the day Season 2 launched, reaching 35% of Snapchat’s global in-market audience. Experiencing the Portal Lens lifted users' intent to watch the show. And it achieved breakthrough status, setting a new standard for AR marketing, and redefining what it means to bring fans inside the world of a brand.

Entrant Company: Netflix
Marketing: Javier Ricaud, Corinne Siacunco, Jennie Wilkes
Production Company: Snapchat
Global Head of Creative Strategy: Jeff Miller
Creative Strategy, West Coast Lead: Augie Chun
Creative Strategy Lead: Leah Rubin-Cadrain
Creative Strategists: Mark Carroll, Dana Barber
Manager, Interactive Engineer: Travis Chen
Sponsored Lens Project Manager: Katherine Dunaeva
Lead Designer: Bogdan Maksymchuk
Interactive Engineer: Jonathan Solichin
Streaming Lead: Kevin Longo
Account Executive: Taylor Davis
Account Manager: Eric Marcus
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