Why it’s okay to play Slotomania at 7:11 AM

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October 2017

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We all need some me-time. And we all deserve to spend that me-time the way we want. Whether that’s reading a book, watching TV, going for a run or playing a mobile game. Fact is, however, when playing a mobile game while grabbing some me-time, people tend to feel a bit guilty. FCB Happiness and Slotomania wanted to counter that feeling by giving a reason to play, any minute of the day. – a real-time video clock that runs perfectly in sync with your local time and shows you a different video for every single minute of the day. Each 60 seconds unveils a unique video, with a script based on surprising data found about that specific moment in the day, turning each minute into a unique insight and an original reason to play. Those 1,440 facts were turned into 1,440 pieces of content – one for each minute of the day.

Digital advertisement created by FCB, Belgium for Slotomania, within the category: Gaming.

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Both ads stink.

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