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July 2020


It pays to keep an open mind. That’s the message HSBC Bank Canada is focusing on as part of a new advertising platform scheduled to launch later this month. As an International bank in over 64 countries, HSBC knows first-hand that diverse perspectives can lead to prosperity. And right now, a little open-mindedness could make a world of difference.

To demonstrate this belief, the bank has created a small icon with a big message. This July 17, on World Emoji Day, HSBC is partnering with Twitter in the creation of a new custom Emoji which will appear anytime the hashtag #OpenMinds is Tweeted. The hope is that the emoji—which will be active for 4 weeks—will act as a reminder on social media that, while the views shared by others may be different than your own, it doesn’t mean they don’t have their own merit.

The emoji is a stylized depiction of a man and a woman of different ethnic backgrounds sharing thoughts with one another through their magically open minds. It will be submitted to the Unicode consortium, the world standard for emojis, before their yearly deadline of September 1 to be considered for adoption the following year.

Digital advertisement created by Wunderman Thompson, Canada for HSBC, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman Thompson Canada
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