Breast cancer

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October 2016
Hospital Aristides Maltez: Breast cancer


Digital advertisement created by Propeg, Brazil for Hospital Aristides Maltez, within the category: Health.


I can show breasts on instagram. Self-exam. It's forbidden not to do.

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Emerson Braga
Creative Director: André Amoedo
Copywriters: Emerson Braga, André Amoedo
Art Directors: Pedro Chequer, James Willians
Digital Cratives: Rebecca Lyrio, Raphael Medeiros, Carol Silva
Account: Michele Estevez, Tatiana Leal
Plannner: Melina Romariz
Grafic Prodution: Ariana Guerra, André Coni
Media: Rosana Ramos
Photographer: Saulo Kainuma
Makeup / Hair: Chocolate
Approval: Humberto Luciano
Support: Jornal Correio, Bonita Também, Coletivo Minissaia
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