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May 2019


The Mapuches are one of the oldest indigenous people of Chile. Their land taken away. Their leaders have been imprisoned without guarantees, without evidence and without trial. The mass media do not report what is happening. Only, and other small local Mapuche media report the news, witch does not reach more than 1,000 people in terms of coverage. So we invited to the people to take action, using the only item in which the Mapuche people are still being recognized: the $100 pesos coin. Using that coin we create a symbol, putting it in the hands of a whole country.

Digital advertisement created by Pedro Juan & Diego, Chile for Aukin Digital Journal, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Pedro Juan & Diego, Santiago, Chile
CEO: David Benadava
VP: Matias Wolf
CCO: Nelson Fragoso
Executive Creative Director: Ingrid Lira, Cristian Kemp
Creative Director: Agustin Speroni
Art Director: Max Vielma
Copywriter: Javier Monroy Paulsen, Danilo Vera
Producer: Hugo Olivares
Producer Company: PJyD
Director: Catalina Lira, Agustin Speroni
DoP: Matías Jara
Postproduction: Cinemágica
Color Correction: Engamados
Sound Design: Estudio Feeling
Graphic Design: Gonzalo Pino
Motion Design: Daniel Zerpa
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