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July 2020


Every 24 hours, millions of people post videos about their daily routine on Instagram. We are used to seeing life as a set of alternating stories. And we all want attention to our Stories.
But there are people among us with real stories, for them our attention is vital. They are veterans, witnesses of the war, old people in nursing homes. They do not post videos in the Stories, although they have something to tell. They cannot attract attention to themselves in social networks, although it is attention that can improve and prolong their lives.

The Charitable Foundation for Assisting the Elderly – Enjoyable Ageing Charity Foundation launched a series of Instagram stories highlighting the real WWII survivors’ experience and memories. The project called "Disappearing Stories" pays close attention to the fate of ordinary men, women and children who tried to save their own and their families lives during the conflict. All nine Insta-stories, filmed by Mozga creative studio, is a mini-movie, recreating the original events of WWII. Plot of each is based on memories, told by veterans which are being taken care of by the Charitable Foundation for Assisting the Elderly (based in Russia). The project started on June, 22, the day Soviet Union was attacked by the Nazis in 1941.

Content advertisement created by Mozga Studio, Russia for Enjoyable Ageing Charity Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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