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March 2020


While the world struggles with Covid-19, the Colombian Down Syndrome Corporation, in collaboration with Wunderman Thompson Colombia launched Up Syndrome, a new campaign following World Down Syndrome Day (March 21). By changing the word "down" and the stigma attached to it, the Colombian Down Syndrome Corporation and Wunderman Thompson Colombia seek to change the negative perception of those with the condition confronted on a daily basis.

Up Syndrome is a groundbreaking initiative from Colombia aiming to instill a change in the way people with - what was previously called - Down Syndrome are viewed. It was given its original name from the British doctor John Langdon Down, the first person to describe this genetic alteration. It is by pure coincidence that his surname is Down, conjuring up negative images as it does.

The Down Syndrome Corporation's campaign is the first to change the common social perception of the condition. Far from being debilitating, this initiative shows the many things those with 'Up syndrome' can achieve. This is the meaning of 'rising up'. Those featured in the campaign are members of the corporation who share with us their great life achievements, showing us exactly why they should be recognised as 'Up'.

Before the campaign formally began, four teasers of the daily work of corporation members were released, and the full launch took place on March 21, World Down Syndrome Day, where a short film of couples, those awaiting childbirth and others, were asked for their thoughts on how they would feel if their children were born with the condition.

The teams generated content to completely overhaul the physical and digital properties of the corporation, sending out a clear message to the world, and the campaign has now sought out more people to donate to the cause to help members of the corporation to stay “Up" at

Content advertisement created by Wunderman Thompson, Colombia for Down Syndrome Corporation of Colombia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman Thompson Colombia
CCO: Daniel Payán
ECD: Pipe Ruiz Pineda, Diego Rodriguez
Creative Director: Nicolás Malpica, Luis Moreno
Copywriter: Mateo Álvarez
Art Director: Andrés Díaz
CM: Paula Urrego
Producer: Akira Cine
Director: Juan Rueda
Producer: Marcela Zabaleta
Editors: Alejandro Cartagena, Julián Martinez
Photographer: Mauricio Cifuentes
PR Agency: MOB
Development: Cristian Páez, Andrés Suarez
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