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It's nice but it's already been done (and awarded at Cannes).

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This is still a nice idea though.

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"Still a nice idea though" ? So, for you, being a creative just means copying good ads ?...

Well, the way people can deny the obvious always amazes me.

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Yep, it's absolutely true. Second hand clothes and homeless, what an old story. In 2011, Leo Burnett Norway shortlisted a work in 2 categories (Direct and Promo & Activation). It was called "Surprise catwalk" : passengers getting out of a big subway station were suddenly walking on a catwalk, and were applaused just as if they were models. The claim was : "Our coming collection is the clothes people are wearing today".

But that event from Norway was not the first one to mix fashion and charity. In 1999, you could already see a commercial at Cannes, named "Recycled fashion" : models on a catwalk, wearing clothes from the 80ies.

And I'm sure we could find some other similar ideas...

So this idea in Israel is definitely not new.

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