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the best of these three pieces

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can explain?

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Cartoons use the same clothes everyday. This product keeps the colors as good as new.

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Nice concept, but you need to work on illustrations.

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i dont like the illustration, besides the idea is not completed as i think that there should be more elements, for example a naked smurf in this version, waiting for the clothes to dry.. this would make the idea in general better and clearer.. apart from the fact the style of the illustration isnt that cool... in brief: they killed a nice idea being lazy!!

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Let me explain:
We had no money to pay for the copyrights of the real characters, so we had to keep it as subtile as we could. Besides if by showing the clothes you can recognize them, there's really no need to add more elements.
As for the illustration, we were'n looking for a "cool new style" or something amazing, we were just trying to make it look as similar to the cartoon as possible... without being extremely similar to avoid legal issues.
Look, criticize the idea is one thing, but calling us "lazy" without ant real reason it's just not that cool dude.You should ask first.


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I agree. The outfits the characters always wear are so recognizable that you don't need to show the actual character. I thought the ads were charming and brought the point home clearly that clothes retain their color, even after multiple (or in the case of cartoons, daily) wear.

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I dream of a day when chickens will be able to cross the road without being questioned regarding their intentions.

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there's absolutely nothing wrong with the illustration, nor the concept

Good work

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This is a fairly blind concept. Who says cartoon characters use the same clothes everyday? They might have a closet full of the same stuff. Or better yet, they're cartoon characters....drawings. They don't do laundry. EVER.

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^ to the comment above^

oh please. how are you going to try and get that deep into analyzing this?...you were starting off on the right note: that it is a fairly blind concept. It is because not everybody can quickly pick up the fact that it is indeed clothes from a commonly known cartoon character, who,,,oh yeah,, happens to wear those same clothes all the time/every day. May be in part because these cartoons don't regularly air on television anymore. I feel that the most clear is charlie brown with his distinct zigzag shirt. but I'd try using a universal character from today maybe.
Otherwise great concept.

...who says they don't do laundry?

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Buen concepto, buen trabajo! creo que este caracter es medio difícil de reconocer a diferencia de los otros dos, me quedo con Charlie Brown.
Seguro pensaron o ejecutaron los picapiedras, simpsons, etc.
Está redondo sería estupido conplicarlo. Bien hecho.

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good work silva.

im missing the wizard in the background though.


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Muy bien elegidos los personajes. Linda ejecución. Comunica lo mismo que quieren comunicar todos los detergentes, de una manera totalmente nueva. Es la mejor pieza puertorriqueña que vi en todo el 2009.



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Estoy completamente de acuerdo con mi colega Hernaldo, muy linda campaña, simple, bien lograda y directo al beneficio.
Puerto rico necesita de gente como Pablo (redactor / ilustrador).
Pablo debería ser electo gobernador de Puerto Rico.



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que mucho comentario estúpido, la idea está buenísima. felicidades.


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Everyday colors? these are white. and the next one is black and white. Good idea - bad copy.

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Black and white are COLOURS too - and everyday ones at that. What are you talking about??? GREAT idea, GREAT copy! Congrats Pablo and team!

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