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love the campaign's insight.

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Creative Director at Mateo&co
Paloma's picture

I love campaign's insight and pictures too
But there's something I don't like in the art direction

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Intriguing, unpredictable and far from ordinary.

Reality Check
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Shadow Ops's picture

These are fantastic. Gutsy...and it pays off. Predicting lots of nice accolades for this work. Well Played Guvna!

Shadow Ops
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Copywriter |

Let's keep advertising fun

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Hey Ivan. You've got this campaign tagged under "health & beauty". I'm not sure if it suits.

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ivan's picture

Hospitals go under Health. Not perfect but that's the closest.

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Creative Director at Ads of the World
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Great copy. Different way of transmitting the message. Great picture.

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What is this idea? To show dead people's photographs and advertise to sell your service? why on earth would you do that? what's the point in having a lively copy next to a dead photo? This is sad. Wondering if this ad was released because I don't think the any client would want to create an image for themselves using a dead person's photo.

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