Retouch, 2

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September 2008
Peugeot:  Retouch, 2
Peugeot Print Ad -  Retouch, 2

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Print advertisement created by BETC, France for Peugeot, within the category: Automotive.


If the 407SW has exceptional road-holding, it is because we push perfectionism that little bit further.

Advertising Agency: betc, Paris, France
Creative Director: Remi Babinet
Art Director: Eric Astorgue
Copywriter: Jean-Christophe Royer
Photographer: Markus Wendler
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Jon-Paul Mountford
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ads for ad people. and not good ones at that.

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agreed... this shit isn't cute... I don't think to myself..."Man I've been there, they understand my daily struggle, i wana buy one!"

Crisp One
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xuaved devaux's picture

Absolutely chronic, from a retoucher's point of view.
If that's all that's involved in retouching a car ad then I'm a mug.

All those years I removed the bloody great booms they photograph cars with - so they can get the car motionless and the background moving (did you ever think of that?). Where's that boom? Usually it's right through a vignette and shadow, but miraculously not here.

All the time I spent perfecting every line of a car, closing gaps, smoothing texture - aaargh orange peel paint, adding reflections perfectly - the windows never photograph with those reflections, nor the windscreen, nor the rear window. Obscuring the driver, sorting the wheels, the mirrors, the lights, the logos, the badges, the shadows, the starbursts - all that time wasted because all that's needed is a bit of cleaning up on the background.

Oh, and and remove those nasty finger marks, (perfectly but pointlessly grammatical as fingers'), the one and only thing 'wrong' with this car - yeah right.

xuaved devaux
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you need a break from advertising, and photochop :-)

Crisp One
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Oh look. It's a car. On a winding road.

Undeniably, *the* advertising cliche of our time. And people get paid serious bucks to produce this crap. :: sigh ::

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too publicist-ish

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si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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I found it good. May be we are not seeing the same thing

Ernesto Cisse
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