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April 2010


Print advertisement created by Dag&David, United Kingdom for Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


There is no warning sign.
You can't focus. It's blurry. No colour. The full blindness. It happens. Then stops. It happens again. Sometimes it lasts the whole day.
People with MS can never predict, Multiple Sclerosis Society is giving help to anyone affected by MS.
To find out more or make a donation call the freephone helpline at 0808 800 8000 or visit

Advertising Agency: Dag&David, London, UK
Art Director: Dag Aarseth
Copywriter: David Sneeggen
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AssassinX's picture

Just viewed Dag&David, London's website and found it was well-designed. I still dont know Dag&David is an ad agency or just a work team.

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thedesignaddict's picture

What does the image have to do with the message? I'm confused.

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Art Director at Freelance
atb2005's picture

Love the copy, but images (except the guy one) are hard to get. Also, here we have a doll (which implies a little girl). Little girls don't have MS.

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daganddavid's picture

It's nice that you liked our web site. Always appreciated. We would like to mention that we are a creative work team, not an agency.

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Art Director
imagineit's picture

The images have nothing to do with the message? The copy is good but it gets lost with the bad art direction.

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shahidali's picture

to me, the visual is very melodramatic. the affliction is severe no doubt and i agree, at times it may be more severe than the depiction. but the visual should not give arousal to fear. i may be wrong but to me, this visual is asking for sympathy through fearful depiction of possible consequences of MS. the objective is dissemination of information on care and initiate donor participation. for that, a less loud route could opted for.

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Maddy's picture

I dont understand how the image matches with the copy
is it tryong to say that people affected can turn up like the image
i dont think so....i love the copy though

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Guest's picture

I think the use of a doll in the visual means that MS is not a game (that's why a toy in the visual) ... it's something serious and dangerous and cannot be underestimated. Anyone agrees?

wanderer82's picture

I think the visual actually matches with the copy or at least with the subject of the ad, which is MS... by using a doll - thus a toy - in the visual the ad means that MS is definitely NOT a game, it's a serious and dangerous disease that cannot be underestimated.

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