The Inclusive Beer Ad

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November 2019
Jupiler: The Inclusive Beer Ad
Jupiler Print Ad - The Inclusive Beer Ad


On may 18 2019, Sarah Bettens, one of Belgium’s most famous rock stars, announced her transition towards masculinity and became Sam Bettens. One day later, Jupiler, Belgium’s most masculine beer brand with the 30-year old baseline “men know why”, published a newspaper ad stating two simple words: “Pintje, Sam?”. In English: “Fancy a beer, Sam?”. The message to men was clear: Sam is instantly one of the guys. A traditional brand suddenly made a strong point about the normalization of transgender people. Without endless debates. Just no-nonsense instant acceptance.

Print advertisement created by BBDO, Belgium for Jupiler, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.


Fancy a beer, Sam?

Advertising Agency: BBDO Belgium, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Arnaud Pitz
Creative Director: Sebastien De Valck
Creative: Frederik Clarysse
Cco: Isabel Peeters
Account Director: Lore Desmet
Account: Lieselot De Fraine
Design: Christophe Malotaux
Strategy: Sofie Verstreken
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