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September 2018
Go Round
Go Round


The Eid ad is influenced by the two main acts that makes up Eid al-Adha; circumambulation and sharing of meat with the people around you.


Strengthened faith, sumptuous feast... Make it go round this Eid. Eid Mubarak

Advertising Agency: ONEWILDCARD, Lagos, Nigeria
Creative Director: Kayode Olowu
Art Directors: Awe Adeyinka, Oluranti Akerele
Copywriters: Moriam Sulaimon, Talha Oladimeji
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farhanmalik's picture

This advert is highly disrespecting to our faith as Muslims and it SHOULD be removed. The team who came up with this idea are trying hard to be creative but they lack knowledge of Islam, to you Eid ul Adha means going around the sacred House of Allah and sharing of meat, that is not what celebrating Eid ul Adha means in essence and in its entirety. It's not about sumptuous feast also. You cannot symbolize the House of God by a block of meat, its wrong in so many levels, and Muslims doing the tawaf (Circling) around the Kaaba (house of God) as spices. You are trying to force your idea just because you want a self promo. Onewildcard you failed as an agency because your insight was not strong enough. Not everything can be boiled down to a symbolic representation of a creative idea.

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Art Director at City Light Advertising & Media
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