Body armour

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July 2010
BAE Systems:  Body armour


Print advertisement created by Y&R, United Kingdom for BAE Systems, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.


Ultra lightweight warrior technology.
Lose weight.
Lightweight body armour that aids mobility without compromising protection.
BAE Systems
Real Innovation. Real Advantage.

Advertising Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London, UK
Art Director: Tim Brookes
Copywriter: Phil Forster
Illustrator: Act2-Um
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JLL's picture

Go back to your home and have sex!

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Director of Creation - Copywriter
aRianna23's picture

Sorry, what's the add for?

Anyway, I don't like it when they use military on the ads, it makes me think about war... NOT GOOD!

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Media Buyer at CultureSpan Marketing
FourT6and2's picture

The ad is for a ballistic vest... The point is to think about military, and war... Those are the people who buy these vests. It's pretty damn obvious what the ad is for. But the campaign is trying to show how innovative the company is by showing all the products they've created. But it's not working is it...

But the ad is pretty lame. Just like every other ad on this site, there is NO creative! It's literally just listing what the product is with a lame image/graphic. There is no concept. There is no creative thought. There is nothing interesting. It's a picture of the product with a description of what the product is. What. The. Hell.

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AssassinX's picture

Agree with FourT6and2. Yawn. I always want to ask "So?...", after reading each copy.

I sincerely hope RKCR/Y&R could take "ad creativity" issue seriously and get something improved ASAP. From the latest Land Rover print ads to this series, all of them were literally disappointing. I personally didnt find any refreshing idea in them and actually I'm also curious about how these things were approved by the professional people. Comparing with the campaigns executed by other London-based creative-oriented agencies, I think this quality of work is definitely not enough, not competitive at all.

Well I know it's not polite to criticize a well-known agency, so finally I'd like to say sorry, if I just behaved in an offensive manner.

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FourT6and2's picture

I don't think you need to apologize. Criticism is necessary, otherwise the advertising industry will stagnate.

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Guest's picture

Not only is this a really bad piece of advertising, but it also sums up everything wrong with this industry. It's one thing doing work for a company that basically trades in death and another to be proud enough to put it in a creative showcase. Well done team, a true winner.

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