Snow White

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September 2009
Amnesty International:  Snow White


Print advertisement created by Unitas, Chile for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Mom was reading me a tale, till daddy came back...
Violence against women is violation of human rights.

Advertising Agency: Unitas/RNL, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Pancho González
Art Director: Rodrigo Geisse
Copywriter: Pancho González
Photographer: Javiera Eyzaguirre
Account manager: Alexis Sfeir
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i understand the point, but personally i can't get over the fact that it looks like her nipples are bleeding. I was more confused by that. the first ad works much better

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I agree, this ad isn’t as good as the first one...but with a little twicking you could make a very good campaign from it.
Another reason why this advert isn’t as good as the other one is because the main villain in this story book is the evil queen/witch, which is a woman – were as the main focus of the campaign is the violent husband (a man).
Little red ridding hood works because the villain is the big bad wolf, a male. There are 2 other stories that use the big bad wolf, but it would be kind of hard to make them look as glamorous.
In saying that they both have great photography, models, costumes and photoshop work. Great work guys!

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then how about recognizing where the nipple should be a on a female's breast? For me, it's a little bit too glamorous for an anti-violence campaign.

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I agree with the third comment made. This does look artsie to me.
Doesn't fit the point they are trying to make though.
Maybe if it was a poster for a film, would work better, not for a noble cause like an anti-violence campaign.

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someone please relate me the vampire visual with violence copy. btw, while doing so, please don't share your dogma.

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It's not a vampire, though does look a bit like one. It is Snow White, and seems to be based on the now classic Disney version. The pale skin and gothic treatment do look a bit vampiric though.

The 'message' is that real-life violence intruded into the fairly tale world when dad got home. Of course fairy tales are pretty darned violent anyway.

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shahidali - I pray everytime I read one of your comments you're not a copywriter.

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come on, chilean guest!!!
don´t do such things!!

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Snowhite and the seven slaps?

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Muy buen trabajo!

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me gustaba la foto por sí sola, en la exposición.-

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I'm not sure I am supposed to be turned on by an anti-domestic violence campaign. But it tends to happen when I see pics of gorgeous, glamorous women showing and fondling their breasts, even if the do have a dob of fake blood on them.

These ads are too glamourous and too sexy for the subject IMO.

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Its too gross!!!

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esta buena la idea, pero las chicas parecen mas apropiadas para un catalogo de diesel u otra marca q para una campaña social

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