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The imagery and layout is well thought out and emotionally driving - unfortunately, neither of these shed any light as to what this is referring to. I have no idea what Aldeas Infantile SOS is. I'm assuming it's a group supporting underfed children in Bolivia? I totally appreciate the use of alpha numeric characters to represent the children's names, although I'm not so sure it plays out convincingly as a number, "They are not a number" when you have actual alpha characters included but it's a fair stab at it I suppose. Could be that people in Bolivia know what this is. "Help us to help them", how do I do that? Could you at least include a website so I could figure out WTH this is all about. I may actually want to contribute to the cause but I suppose designing something interesting and something that will cause industry gab is more important than actually helping underfed orphaned children in a third world country. Nice work.

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