Formula, 2

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January 2007
Ads of the World:  Formula, 2


Print advertisement created by JWT, Thailand for Ads of the World, within the category: Media.


One leads to another.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director / Art / Copy: Satit Jantawiwat
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Lee Clow's picture

Neat. Only if they hadn't shoved the logo so far away into the corner.
The next thing would be the offical 'adsoftheworld' online awards.
Thanks for inspiring us Ivan. You've come a long way.

Lee Clow
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Creative Director
Davosk's picture

I'm commenting on the whole campaign, I just chose this at random because there are less comments.
Very cool, making ads out of ads for a client who shows us ads.
Tough brief, tough crowd, tough client. Beautiful work. I'm a fan of the equation style.
Free exposure for selected brands?
Good idea that, 'adsoftheworld' online awards.

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Art Director
srahula's picture

Hello Ivan,
Feels really good to see all the wonderful appreciations that you are getting from the whole community.
I am personally accepting, that this site has taught me a lot more than what I had learnt about adveretising. Specially when campaign from even the best agencies are torn apart by the community if they do not come up to the advertising standards. This democratic system of selection gives me an idea.
How about coming up with something like the best posting of the month and then collect them all to select the best postings of the year for different categories. Leave the metals aside, with the way you are moving, I guess that the time is not far off when you will have your own metals to give out.
Fellow members of the community, what are your suggestions on this?????
Rahul Chawra
Kathmandu Nepal

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General Manager
renzz's picture

Amen brother! Nice idea, I want an AOTW medal! Along with the medal Ivan could give out free subscriptions for limited time to browse the ads through brands and categories :D

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