Gold, 1

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August 2008


Print advertisement created by TBWA, Netherlands for Adidas, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: 180\TBWA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Dean Maryon, Paulo Martins, Carlos Furnari
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miko1aj's picture

Whole campaign is very beautiful and nicely written. The only thing is – has it something in common with the meaning of "impossible is nothing" or am I blind to see this?

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Dozer's picture

mmmm, well i was thinking the same, but actually i think i finally understand it, like this piece, it says you have been waiting, have been training for 4 years(impossible is nothing), at least that's what i think...

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miko1aj's picture

yeah, i got this too, but at least – gaining golden one is not impossible. It may seem like, but in fact it's not. But nevertheless – i like this work.

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XL's picture

I find this campaign to be completely uninspiring. The copy is so-so and the art direction is less than we've come to expect from Adidas.

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primo_susto's picture

not agree with you, the art is just great, the pics are wonderful, and the copy IS inspiring... what u were waiting for? David Beckham runnig again on a pipe over a clift?
boy, you have to ADAPT to the moment... this ads are made for OLYMPICS, and did work... awesome

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pierrelastname's picture

i agree! not inspiration at all !

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whitewhite's picture

If you r talking about the capmpaign, i dont think the copy is uninspiring. K..something missing in this third ad. I like the second one the most. And all three do lead to impossible is nothig.

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kusseejner's picture

Revealing that gold is not given is hardly a sensation. What's next...running makes you sweat?

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the one's picture

great photography and the copy....... nice execution. But one has to wait till he/she sees this particular creative if looking at the campaign in the reverse sequence to get the idea.

the one
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