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December 2011
Serviceplan:  Posters of Passion,


To communicate the message, we made posters out of these materials: In hospital we took blood samples of our copywriter for the first billboard. The blood was pumped through little tubes on the poster that gave the type. For the second one we rented a mobile sauna, in which our designers collected their sweat. The sweat was then sprayed on a poster out of black fabric. The salt made the type. With 3 kilograms of raw onions we produced enough tears for the third billboard. We fixed the tears with tissues on the billboard.

Programmer: Steffen Knoblich /

Outdoor advertisement created by Serviceplan, Germany for Serviceplan, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: serviceplan, Hamburg, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Creative Directors: Christoph Nann, Maik Kaehler
Art Directors: Manuel Wolff, Savina Mokreva
Typographers: Maik Kaehler, Manuel Wolff, Savina Mokreva
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sambuca's picture

they should have donated it!!

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Art Director at tolingo GmbH
Jexep's picture

Good one!

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Planner at BrandBaker |

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jackmancer2017's picture

Zzzz. These blood things are first ideas, mainly used for self-promo's by students.

Activity Score 6992
Copywriter at Editor/Student
khronos's picture

Agreed. FAIL FAIL FAIL and bad art direction too

Activity Score 994
luckyzebra's picture

Kinda gross if you ask me. Poor copywriter...

Activity Score 93
sambuca's picture

they should have donated it!!

Activity Score 1066
Art Director at tolingo GmbH
iambusy's picture

psychos, u just score a boundary

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Copywriter |


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alex valyukh
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have a nice day

krautland's picture

you cannot purchase human blood in germany unless you are a certified medical professional. five bucks says this is fake.

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Art Director at erm... no calls please.
Jackbr's picture

Dracula´s ads. Great.

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Art diretor |


vote4pedro's picture

As a general rule, it's never a good idea to base a campaign on a cliché. This is no exception to that rule.

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Billoughsby's picture

Without elaborating a "making of" story, would any of this set be worth a second look?

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Art Director |

That's it.

KbxAds's picture

dumb, no customer cares the the explanation you write below your ad, to make this point u didn't have to go around collecting sweat and tears, blood ok thats understadnable, but even if u just put red colour and did it, it would have made almost the same impact, without all the pain u made ur copywriter suffer

Activity Score 943
Copywriter at Surat, India |

Shey tree's picture

I prefer the ideat than the action. For me,it looks like a kind of waste.

Shey tree
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Shey tree

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