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June 2019
Odessa International Film Festival: Live Posters
Odessa International Film Festival Outdoor Ad - Live Posters


Odesa is a city located on the Black Sea shore. For a long time, it remained a tax-free trade zone. For decades bandits, thieves and swindlers had been flocking to the city, which, as a result, formed a uniquely humorous and adventurous mentality of the locals. Thanks to this, figuratively speaking, in Odesa there’s a movie behind every curtain.

"Live Posters" is a promotional campaign for the Odesa International Film Festival with the slogan "There's a movie behind every curtain". The idea was inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of the city and its people known for their natural acting talents. Over a hundred windows in Odesa were turned into live performance stages framed in branded posters with the taglines linked to the Festival categories. We took our brightest performance out to the city’s heart, Derybasivska street - the show rocked the audience. We also collaborated with a few Odesans living abroad and branded their windows with Live Posters in order to promote the Festival outside of Ukraine.

Outdoor advertisement created by Mate and Mate, Ukraine for Odessa International Film Festival, within the categories: Movies, Recreation, Leisure.

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