Battleship, 3

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April 2010
Nokia:  Battleship, 3


Advertising Agency: JWT New Zealand

Outdoor advertisement created by JWT, New Zealand for Nokia, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Come play.

Executive Creative Director: Peter Ogden
Art Directors: Jordan Young, Steve Back, Murray Bransgrove
Copywriter: Mike Ramsay
Retoucher: Electric Art
Art Buyers: Jen Wills, Darryn Warhaft
Account Supervisor: Victoria Austin
Account Manager: Sarah Cowan
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at first the red pins are like the smoke pipe of the tanker, i hv knew that are pins

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Ok.... Do not like the use of such abhorrent part of our history to put it as a game. Second ship looks like civilians and obviously haha the great u.s.a. empire is winning....
Anyway, why the red tubes?

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This may have been at first glance cleaver, but I have no idea what it's selling. The 'get out' is horrible.

Sublty was perhaps the idea but seriously, is it just selling EA games as a whole. I am pretty sure EA did MOH is it for that??

Why is there what looks like a giant roll of only red life savers in each pic?

I expect better from such a creative nation like nz.


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This is in very poor taste, JWT.

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This is what games of war are all about. Nice!

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