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October 2016
Metamucil: Shit! - Fit


Metamucil is a remedy against constipation. An issue more people suffer from than you would expect. They just feel uncomfortable to talk about it. Our objective was clear: strengthen brand name awareness for Metamucil, link it to constipation and make the issue of constipation as 'easy to talk about' as possible. Strategic approach: Budget was limited, so we needed bold work to make impact. Secondly, we wanted to stay away from medical or pharmaceutical connotations to keep barriers low. In creative concept as well as in media. Thirdly, putting a smile of recognition on people's face would be our strongest weapon to take away any social barriers or feelings of embarrassment. Creative solution: As embarrassing as we may find talking about constipation, 'shit' is something we have no problems saying. In fact, 'shit' is in the Dutch Top 2 when swearing! In other words: 'Shit is sometimes easier said than done'. This hilarious, but at the same time very true insight, gave us the best tool possible to open up this subject in a straightforward way, to create an impact, generate some buzz and to put a smile on people's face. Execution for TVC: To prove that shit is easier said than done, we created a collage of several video fragments in which people say: 'Shit!'. They vary from footage found on YouTube to shots from TV programs. This compilation shows how easy people say: 'Shit!' and since it is rather explicit but funny at the same time, it opens the ears and eyes of our audience.

Outdoor advertisement created by Havas, Netherlands for Metamucil, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Sometimes shit is easier said than done. Metamucil. Helps to relieve constipation.

Advertising Agency: Havas Boondoggle, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Menno Schipper, Nils Taildeman
Producer: Joze Rikken
Edit: Jelmar Hoekstra
Sound: Sound Circus
Online / Grading: The Compound
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