All Of Us Are RockStars

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March 2013
Hendrix Studios:  All Of Us Are RockStars
Hendrix Studios Outdoor Ad -  All Of Us Are RockStars


Hendrix Studio is a musical rehearsal studios, where young bands perfect their skills. Problem: Musicians stop rehearsing as the way to the big stage seems too hard for them. Insight: Young musicians doubt their talent. Idea: Telling young musicians that there is a rock star in every one of us. Solution: Poster in which a spermatozoon which reached the ovule first is metaphorically compared to a rock star on the stage. And there is a crowd of admiring fans before the stage. These fans are also spermatozoa which never reach the ovule so they never become rock stars.

Outdoor advertisement created by Twiga, Russia for Hendrix Studios, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: Twiga, Moscow, Russia
Creative Director: Mikhail Elagin
Art Director: Grant Abovyan
Copywriter: Sergey Fedorov
Designer: Mikhail Chebanu
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The sperm with hands is the star! :)

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you got that right.

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It's a total wank.

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agree :)

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I like the execution

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