20-Second Soap

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April 2020
Verve: 20-Second Soap
Verve: 20-Second Soap
Verve: 20-Second Soap
Verve Integrated Ad - 20-Second Soap
Verve Integrated Ad - 20-Second Soap
Verve Integrated Ad - 20-Second Soap


Handwashing is something that we do every day without giving it a second thought, but during a global pandemic it could also be the one thing that saves our lives – if it’s done correctly. Research has shown that only 5% of us are actually washing our hands for the 20 seconds that it takes to get them fully clean. To help actively change behaviour and create awareness about the importance of handwashing, our team at Verve invented a unique product; the first bar of soap that lasts for exactly20 seconds. The 20 Second Soap helped to train people how to wash their hands correctly and was distributed from an online store for free as a tangible way to teach people new habits, with hundreds of little soaps making their way across the country. After this phase, we then decided to put the power into the people’s hands; literally. We are now in the process of teaching people how to make their own 20 Second Soap bars, starting awhole ‘clean hand movement’. The plucky little designs of our mini soaps also help to put a smile on people’s faces at a time when smiles are needed. Proof that big messages can come in small packages.

Integrated advertisement created by Verve, Ireland for Verve, within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Health, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Verve Live Agency, Dublin , Ireland
Managing Director: Ronan Traynor
Creative Director: John OShaughnessy
Senior Art Director: Bryan Minton
Senior Copywriter: Niamh Clohosey
Head Of Digital: John Kilcullen
Lead Digital Designer: Nikki Kennedy
Graphic Designer: Kev Rooney
Graphic Designer: Holly Montell
Graphic Designer: Seán Flanagan
Senior Account Manager: Lisa Carmody
Account Manager: Amy Masterson
Digital Account Manager: Emma Magill
Media Account Manager: Jomarie De La Fuente
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