Different Times, Different Bars

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November 2017
Open Society Foundation: Different Times, Different Bars
Open Society Foundation Integrated Ad - Different Times, Different Bars


To remind the youth of today, which is leaning more and more toward extremism and Russian propaganda, what the communist era was really like, we hacked the symbol they use daily. The hashtag that they use to brag with their favourite places, movies or books was shifted to show them that not too long ago they would end behind bars because of normalisation. After releasing print ad we teamed up with influencers and celebrities, made custom instagram bot and gave youth possibility to create their own bar.

Integrated advertisement created by THIS IS LOCCO, Slovakia for Open Society Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


The things we openly celebrate on social media today, would get us behind bars just few years ago. Remember the Velvet revolution.

Advertising Agency: This is Locco, Bratislava, Slovakia
Creative Director: Juraj Kováč
Art Director: Jakub Šarvaic
Copywriters: Juraj Kováč,Tomáš Kučírek, Dano Vachuna
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