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October 2019
KFC: Adwarness
KFC Integrated Ad - Adwarness


In Latin America, Costa Rica has the second highest rate of Breast Cancer deaths. This data could change if costa rican woman check themselves constantly.

Thats the reason KFC decided to make awareness about preventing the disease by using something every costumer love: promotions. In October 19, the International Day Against Breast Cancer, we publish in our best restaurant a special print with a 2x1* promotion in every single product, but we added a twist: knowing that people don’t stop to check the legal restrictions in ads, we hided a meaningful message that would be revealed as soon as they get their order.

The costumers that came and ordered our special 2x1* only received one of the two products, this unleash anger and in that moment we asked them to please check the legal restriction of the promotion they ordered and this is what they read: “This promotion is not valid, because just as this legal restriction, Breast Cancer goes unnoticed if you don’t check. Take the self-test and visit your doctor constantly.”

Integrated advertisement created by McCann, Costa Rica for KFC, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: McCANN, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: Kimbo Kevin Brenes
Cco: Huelander Escalante
Creative Copywriter: Diana Kuhlmann
Designer: Marianela Vargas
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