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September 2021


The grocer IGA is bringing back home economics, with classes designed to help modern families save time, money and energy. Dreamed up by creative agency Sid Lee, the initiative aims to help parents get on top of their meal planning, better manage their grocery shopping and reduce food waste, all thanks to classes led by the popular chef in Québec, Ricardo Larrivée.

Removed from the high school curriculum in the early 2000s, home economics classes were meant to help prepare teenagers for independent living. Nearly 20 years later, IGA is launching its own classes to support families eager to find value added solutions for lunches, snacks, after school activities, food sensitivities, picky eaters, food waste, family budgets and a lack of time and inspiration.

Integrated advertisement created by Sid Lee, Canada for IGA, within the categories: Food, Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Sid Lee, Canada
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