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November 2019
Gillette: A Moustache | Mi Bigotillo

Gillette Integrated Ad - A Moustache | Mi Bigotillo


November is Men’s Health Awareness Month, peaking on 19 November with International Man’s Day. And it is a month where a male attribute—the moustache—takes pride of place as a way to support men with prostate cancer, through the #Movember movement. But if we look back a few years in the life of some men, to their teenage years, we will discover that this same attribute, their moustache, can be a real cause of complex for many teenagers starting to grow what is known as a ‘fuzztache’ or ‘bumfluff’, amongst other things.

The men’s shaving brand aims to encourage young men to start being themselves and for nobody, not even a brand like Gillette, to tell them what they should do with their physical appearance.

Integrated advertisement created by Proximity, Spain for Gillette, within the categories: Beauty, Health, Personal Accessories.

Advertising Agency: Proximity, Madrid, Spain
Global Chief Creative Officer: Eva Santos
Executive Creative Director: Susana Pérez

Creative Director: David Despau
Creative writers: José Cope, Albert Alcacer, Fernando Esteban
Art Director: Gerardo Vaquerizo
Video coordinator: Elías Maldonado
Technology Director: Víctor Madueño
Channel Integration Manager: Diego Alonso
Content Manager: María Martínez

Client Services Director: Marta Yllera

Account supervisor: Inma O'Gallar
Planner: Esla de Murga
Communication Director: Laura Carrillo

Production Director: Gemma Selga
Media Agency: Carat
Production Company: BLUR
Realizador: Zipi

Executive producer:  Mario Fornies
Producer: Juan Bascón

Photography Director: Nilo Zimmmerman
Editor: Rocio Perez

Postproduction coordinator: Fede Pajaro / Blur 
Client contact: Giulia Bloise, Santiago Antolín, Nuno Constant
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