Together the Magic Happens

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December 2020
Coca-Cola: Together the Magic Happens
Coca-Cola Integrated Ad - Together the Magic Happens


For the first time, TV Globo’s Christmas Special, the most traditional in Brazil and aired since 1965, was created in partnership with a brand. And Coca-Cola took advantage of this opportunity to spark a cultural debate with a black Santa Claus. The Special was named as the concept of the brand's Christmas campaign, “Together the Magic Happens”. And told the story of Orlando, a retired grandfather who decides to work again to help his family financially. As Christmas was near, he tries to become a shopping mall Santa. But he faces prejudice and gives up. But the magic happens. And he becomes the Santa of the Coca-Cola Caravan.

Integrated advertisement created by McCann, Brazil for Coca-Cola, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: WMcCann
CCO: Hugo Rodrigues, André Marques
COO: Kevin Zung
Executive VP and General Director of WMcCann Rio: Marcio Borges
Creative Director: Ricardo Weitsman
Associate Creative Director: Felipe Gomes
Creatives: Alexandre Xela Oliveira, Bruno Mukai, Felipe Latgé, Ricardo Weitsman, Felipe Gomes, Globo Team
CSO: Renata Bokel
Planning: Luiza Portella, Jorge Gloss, Marianna Valmoré, Evelyn Cristina
Attendance: Fabricio Aurichio, Renata Veloso, Barbara Santana, Marcella Braga, Renata Milhas
Media VP: André França
Media: Elton Baesso, Lorena Dias, Bruno Mendes, Guillermo Perret
Digital Media: Dianne Di Celio, Felipe Figueiredo, Mayara Ferreira, Alarico Antunes
BI: Raquel Scrivano, Viviane Vela, Anny Atti, Geisy Panisset, Miguel Masuet, Mariana Zinsly
Production VP: Tato Bono
Integrated Production: Juliana Lutterbach, Mariana Veronez
Video Editor: Yuri Porto, André Penha
Post-production: Hugo Gama
Audio Producer of the adapted film: Sonido
Musical supervision: Lucas Duque
Editing, sound design and mixing: João Miguel
Service: Alessandra Ferreira, Ligia Susini
Visual Post-Production: Ciro Sollero
Graphic Production: Nereu Marinho, Maurício Martim, Ricardo Pereira
Digital Production: Juliana Lutterbach, Mariana Veronez
Projects: Erika Casal, Felipe Ribeiro
Public relations: Kerena Neves, Bruna Ramos
Client team: Poliana Sousa, Yugo Motta, Erika Wolthers, Laís Emilião, Marina Peixoto, Helena Bertho
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