The Anti-bullying month

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March 2020
Child Line: The Anti-bullying month
Child Line Integrated Ad - The Anti-bullying month


The tactic of shock has been used the most in Lithuanian social advertising campaigns. But as we know, disturbing imagery in ads usually works in an opposite way. Yes, it gives you a shock, but it also makes you look the other way as it is repulsive and less relatable to people. So with NGO “Vaikų Linija” ("Child Line") we took a different path in order to inform as many parents about cyberbullying as possible. We took something that is widely recognisable, most colourful and most cheerful symbol in the whole internet - emoji and brought it into the real life. Implementing the idea that a happy face can carry a negative message as well. In the ad we invite parents to know more at “Vaikų Linija” website and find out how to help their children fight cyberbullying everyday.

Integrated advertisement created by ALL CAPS, Lithuania for Child Line, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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