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September 2020


It's annoying to wait to get an answer. Even more so when it is online and takes years... After a review of their own Facebook pages, Burger King has learned that people don’t always get the answer they deserve. That's why Burger King decided to reply to all the burger fans they could.

It's not always easy to have an overview of all the hungry burger fans on Facebook. But people who have spent time writing a comment deserve an answer, even though it has been a pretty long time since they reached out. So on Thursday 24th, the majority of the McDonalds burger fans in Denmark who have been left hanging for days, months or even years, woke up to a reply from Burger King in the form of a helpful, yet funny answer and a free flame-grilled Whopper to try and make up for the lack of attention.

While working with their own online customer service, Burger King became aware that their closest competitor was not quite on point when it comes to online customer service. As Burger King believe that all burger fans should get the replies they deserve - whether they like flame-grilled Whoppers or Big Macs -, they decided to lend a helping hand to their colleagues at McDonalds.

Integrated advertisement created by Grey, Denmark for Burger King, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Denmark
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