BKHT(Burger King Heat Tech)

June 2019
Burger King: BKHT(Burger King Heat Tech)
Burger King Integrated Ad - BKHT(Burger King Heat Tech)


Recruit a new generation of guests with a big, bold advertising idea that hacks into April Fools’, giving the Burger King brand a disproportionate share of popular culture for the international prank day.

People expect the taste of fire in Burger King. However, on days of low temperature, it may not be what you thought when you ordered delivery or order. To avoid such mishaps, Burger King worked with Uniqlo to develop Heat-Tech wrappers. Depending on the heat-tech function, Burger King's temperature will be maintained at a certain level, and the taste can be kept.

A plausible lie will focus people's attention and strengthen Burger King's brand image. It can also reaffirm Burger King's identity once again.

Entrant Company: Dong-eui University, Busan, South Korea
Student: Taehyeong Kim
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