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July 2020


Everyone is illegally watching free satellite TV in Ukraine. And the government of Ukraine decided to make a global transcoding of the signals so that people connect to official TV providers. Xtra TV - satellite TV brand, that kept silence in media during long time, wants to remind TA about them and made the brand choice number one while recoding satellite signals all over Ukraine. The task was to communicate with two TA: series and show lovers, and football lovers. TA is the residents of small cities in Ukraine where the internet is bad. So they don’t install smart TV, but use satellite TV. Their lives are mostly work and household duties. They have very little varieties in their leisure time. And TV is a lifestyle for them. They constantly spend a lot of time watching TV and are very attached to it. The insight was: while watching favorite series and TV-shows we imagine ourselves as main characters and live through each episode. When the series finish, we feel that something has gone, the part of our life. So the communication platform sounds like “Feel yourself in the center of events”. And the creative message is “Xtra TV is your true television” We created communicated platform based on the insight and shot 4 advertising spots. And we showed what the true television is and how important is not to be interrupted while watching your favorite channel. 2 image spots to remind about Xtra TV brand to series and football lovers. We showed the life of our heroes with the Xtra TV brand. 2 spots to suggest an alternative option of TV before recoding satellite signal all over Ukraine. We showed how the moment looks when you are interrupted by the recoding signal. As a result 25% sales growth.

Film advertisement created by Vivid, Ukraine for Xtra TV, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: ViViD, Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative Director: Kateryna Overko
Senior Creative Copywriter: Andrii Lazarenko
Business Development Director: Kateryna Zdanovska
General Producer, Because Production: Anatoly Krapivin
Producer, Because Production: Tetiana Сhaikovskа
Director, Because Production: Valentyn Minchuk
Videographer, Because Production: Olexiy Khoroshko
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