I Love New York

April 2021

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There is no place like New York. The city immortalized in a million movies, books, and Instagram stories exists on its own wavelength. In attempting to describe this singular place, one inevitably returns to well-worn lines, but 2020 introduced a chilling new narrative. This spring, the city was brought to a standstill; its vibrancy dulled by shuttered businesses, empty restaurants, vacant museums, and unoccupied streets. The headlines were foreboding, with some declaring that New York was “over.” But a place built on resilience was surely destined to survive. New York isn’t a landmark or zip code, a coterie of cool people, an art movement, or a moment in time. It is the millions of New Yorkers who give the city its magic. As communities slowly rebuild, Vogue wanted to celebrate everything—and everyone—that makes New York…New York. Whoopi Goldberg narrates this film featuring an all-star cast of fashion icons that call the city their home.

Post Production Company: Modern Post
Executive Creative Director: Mark Guiducci
Director: Bardia Zeinali / One Thirty Eight Productions
Cinematographer: Chayse Irvin / One Thirty Eight Productions
Executive Producer: Marina Cukeric / One Thirty Eight Productions
Editor: Will Town / Modern Post
Executive Producer: Charlyn Derrick / Modern Post
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