Stronger Than Crisis

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April 2020

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At hard times like this, entrepreneurs are struggling on the verge between survival and financial crisis. Yet, they don’t give up on their beliefs! Voskhod and Tochka bank tell an inspiring story about life on quarantine. All filming was safe and carried out using long telephoto lenses and drones. The participants were keeping safe distance between each other. Some of the mini-stories were filmed at home. All characters of the video are real entrepreneurs. The video featured: Tochka Bank’s CEO Boris Diakonov, bank’s co-founder and CMO Yana Gannik, Ural Opera Ballet theater’ art director Vyacheslav Samodurov, Voskhod agency’s creative director Andrey Gubaydullin and many others. The soundtrack of the video is a remix of the song «Thank you» written and performed by Sergey Bobunets, a famous Ural musician. By the way, the song itself hasn’t been released yet — so it’s a truly unique case in the history of music! With the new uplifting video, Tochka Bank expresses its support to all entrepreneurs who found themselves in the times of hardship like today’s. In the meantime, the bank keeps providing full services, including opening an account, online.

Film advertisement created by Voskhod, Russia for Tochka Bank, within the category: Finance.

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