We are the Future

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February 2011


‘We Are The Future’ is a reflection on how the next generation will engage with brands. We hear from children in their early teens about what marketers will need to do to engage and influence them in the future. More than an ad, it is a provocation and an invitation to the marketing industry to ‘up their game’. In less than 10 years, the next generation will be a true match for marketers. This film is intended to be a wake-up call for the marketing community. To make them get ready. Things are about to get a whole lot more difficult.

Film advertisement created by PHD, United Kingdom for PHD, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: PHD Worldwide, UK
Creative Director: Rupert Day
Art Director: Rupert Day
Copywriter: Mark Holden
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Boxey's picture

Too bad you couldn't block my yawn.

Activity Score 8879
Melaleuca In-House
Ron Burgundy's picture

seems like a Ted Talk for tweens

Ron Burgundy
Activity Score 1630
Art Director at Southern California
copycopycopy's picture

I liked it. Potent stuff

Activity Score 148
almondtruffle's picture

too much talk.....

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Temple's picture

Poor marketers, as if they are not already on the verge of heart attacks with hundreds of rival CV's on their bosses desks, now they have to cope with the future as well, as told by obnoxious kids.

Activity Score 11341
Creative Director
Glut's picture

i want my two minutes back!

Activity Score 3935
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
simon.gross's picture

My god. Rather than reading some script spattered with as many buzz words as the writer could cram in, I would have preferred hearing the kids talk about how they use technology in their own language. If there's one thing that people hate universally, it's precocious, self-important little kids telling them what to do. I feel like I want to wash my ears out.

Activity Score 541
Copywriter at Clemenger BBDO
SuperPolle's picture

This is brilliant proof that media agencies are useless without ad agencies ...

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Reto1976's picture

I'm scared of these kids.

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guyriordan's picture

The children in the ad will soon be cutthroat businessmen trying to outdo each other. This is the worst case scenario.
On the other hand, they will be responsible citizens trying to make our lives better.
Ad is boring though.

Activity Score 20
internet marketing specialist/ home based |

- Guy Riordan

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