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July 2010


Film advertisement created by JWT, India for Nokia, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: JWT Delhi, India
Creative Director: Simran Sahni
Agency Producer: Mandeep Singh
Production Company: Luscious international
Director: Sam Bryant
Executive Producer: Andrew Morris
Producer: Tim Berriman
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Temple's picture

Not going to help with Nokia's woes.

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Creative Director
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Creative Director
Blashyrkh's picture

Suddenly I lost

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Art Director
tzuik's picture

So the guy has never time to stay with his friends and family, but in the end they all meet up on top of a building and he receives an award. What a mess.

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angieraj's picture

Music from the Schweppes Burst ad and an idea that has been done in so many different forms. (and this one was the worst of em). How original...

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Turrino Advertising LLC |

Cognito Ergo Sum

Doyke's picture

was thinking the same thing. sitting there waiting for the climax of the song and it never came around

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Paridhi.'s picture

its like..they cant stay together..so they stay in tuch thru thr fon...nokia... bridging d distance whn dey cant b 2gethr..
whatever it may b...repeatd or not...i like it..

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Sushi lover's picture

it is confusing me

Sushi lover
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Dream needs to be big!

Guest's picture

Absolute crap. Could smell it a mile away when they opened with the track used in the Cannes Gold winning Schweppes ad from George Patts Australia.

arnwald's picture

They are trying to say that WITH THE NOKIA you can have all those you love around LIKE you would have in a party where you are awarded.... Really bad. And the rock band? come on!

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Forabord, Barcelona
Guest's picture

Beautifully shot and emotive to match. The little boy is adorable. I love the rock band too!!!

tantrik_indian's picture

The ad is bakwas - nothing in it.

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Copywriter |

~~this paranoid survived!~~

LeeHarvey's picture

Bakwas = rubbish (I googled). You're right T.I.

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Creative Director
Temple's picture

Not going to help with Nokia's woes.

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Creative Director
ek kanya's picture

stupid ad. doesnt work for e. doesnt work in India. sensibility mismatch.

ek kanya
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am an advertising junkie | read my flog at http://www.desicreative.com/forum

Guest's picture

ther is a mismatch

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