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February 2011


Film advertisement created by Anomaly, United States for Motorola, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Anomaly, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mike Byrne
Creative Director: Richard Mulder
Art Director: Grant Mason
Copy: Jessica Ghersi-Hecht
EP / Head of Production: Andrew Loevenguth
Brand Director: Laura Aldington
Account Director: Keith Barry
Prod Co: Smuggler
Director: Randy Krallman
EPs: Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Lisa Rich, Allison Kunzman, Laura Thoel
Producer: Cory Berg
Production Manager: Rogers Marquess
Editorial Co: Beast NY
Editor: Lucas Eskin
Post / Effects Co: Absolute Post
Lead VFX / Inferno Artist: Dirk Greene
VFX Supervisor: David Smith
VFX Artist(s): Betty Cameron, Aniello Zampella, Asuka Otake, Krissy Nordella
Lead CG Artist: Ivan Guerrero
EP: Sally Heath
Producer: John Skeffington
Telecine Co: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Producer: Marie de Leon
Music Co: Amber
Track: "Biggi's Waltz"
Composer: Biggi Hillmarsson
EP: Michelle Curran
Audio Post Co: audioEngine
Mixer: Tommy Goldblatt
EP: Sharon DiTullio-Tepper
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Highest Rated

new designer's picture

is that supposed to making apple products( people in white) look very boring?

new designer
Activity Score 98
Molecule's picture

very Brave New Worldish

Activity Score 435
jackmancer2017's picture

Not sure if this is gonna sell heaps of Motorola pads but I definitely love it. Zombies with their mediadevices ;-)

sharonref's picture


Activity Score 14
Copywriter at Y&R Tel Aviv
Hiperion's picture


Activity Score 3138
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
CUTIEPIE's picture


Activity Score 347
abake's picture

I think they're trying too hard.

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
luispiter's picture

Nice production

Activity Score 2756
Madison Maven's picture

A nod to 1984's famous "1984" Apple spot. Two questions:

a) Will people get the reference?
b) Does it simply continue to deify Apple as some type of untouchable brand, not emphasizing enough the way we are all conformists for buying Apple?

Madison Maven
Activity Score 20
Ron Burgundy's picture

I think who ever ends up knocking Apple off the pedastool will do it by acting like they are not even there.

Ron Burgundy
Activity Score 1626
Art Director at Southern California
kleenex's picture

idea good, but not great execution

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
Glut's picture

Done and better. Now "the tablet to create a better world"? wHAT A promise

Activity Score 3935
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
Temple's picture

Girl casting is superb.

Activity Score 11339
Creative Director
CUTIEPIE's picture

Not exciting enough! Not to mention its uncanny resemblance to ipad but more boring!

Activity Score 347
new designer's picture

is that supposed to making apple products( people in white) look very boring?

new designer
Activity Score 98
Do Not Disconnect Film's picture

Unfortunately, this is not the first time this concept was done. I shot a short film, “Do Not Disconnect” in 2009 with a girl breaking out of a world plugged into headphones. A world with no human interaction.

Since we’re not expecting credit from Motorola, I’m asking people to please take a few minutes to watch how this idea was first done. Decide for yourself if you think this is too similar.

I'm not selling anything. We just made a fun, heartfelt short film.


Thank you for your time!

Do Not Disconne...
Activity Score 2
Ron Burgundy's picture

I encourage your personal film making, but I have to disagree that this has nothing to do with your video. There were only using white earbuds to connect the Apple brand, without actually saying "Apple".

Ron Burgundy
Activity Score 1626
Art Director at Southern California
jackblack's picture

Lazy idea.

Activity Score 2363
Art Director
sirvan's picture

I'm all for taking it to the iPad, but the tagline totally wimped out.

Activity Score 29856


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

appie's picture

Sorry, I will pass.

Activity Score 157
Skullrajan's picture

So. we can only attract a girl.
Anyway i loved your copied music - Eyes Wide Shut (Piano)

Activity Score 39
Copywriter at Realme |


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