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good cause but boring

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When it comes to brand positioning in technology, Apple takes the cake. Throughout the years, we have seen Apple develop a strong sense of their brand through the feeling their products give to people. Their campaigns involve movement and emotion, while relating their product back to their customer. In contrast, Microsoft has always been seen as the computer that runs businesses. Their most recent “Empowering us All” campaign has shown a completely different side to their brand. We see products that, in previous times, Apple would develop, but now Microsoft is delving into the emotional feeling of their brand. With their new products like the Surface Pro, they are heading into a category they have never been apart of: the design side of electronics. Their advertising now promotes a sense of community through children and educators, when before, they leaned more towards the “empowering business” route. I really think Microsoft is going somewhere with this, and am excited to see where their brand goes in the near future.

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