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Nice song

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In this commercial the message was straight to the point, yet unrealistic. If a person wins the lottery there is a chance they will react a similar way as the two guys did in the commercial. The example is showing that after winning the lottery the first thing is letting loose in an uptight job you have or don’t like, and not caring about anyone or anything there because you won’t have to anymore. In this case, using the Spanish mariachi music indicated that the two guys were going to use part of their money for a vacation. Although the commercial had humor in it, it would have been better if the two guys didn’t jump off a 10th floor building in their office chairs and land perfectly safe. I feel they could have added something more entertaining, perhaps cab, a change of outfit, or even the view of a beach to substitute for the moment they jumped off.

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They used a mariachi version of the Rock classic Born to be Wild!?!?!?!?

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Could be shorter but it's fun!

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Like it. However I think it would certainly benefit with a bit of momentum building up.

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smart decision to jump from 4th floor with your office chair after winning a lottery.

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