Good Hair For a Reason

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October 2019


When talking about self-care, most people pay attention to the facial skin, body skin and outward appearance. So, it’s a challenge to introduce hair care products to people, especially for hair care sets that include multiple products. Lolane Intense Care, a leader in hair care products, partnered with BBDO Bangkok to launch their latest commercial, providing a new perspective on why people should keep their hair beautiful and healthy. In this campaign, Ying Rhatha, a famous Thai celebrity, introduces the audience to variety of good and extraordinary reasons to take care of their hair. From protecting yourself from unwanted treatment courses at the hair salon to the potential to earn money or donating for good, or even to become a hair-model for advertising, the possibilities are endless with good hair. But the main point for this campaign is to raise awareness about the importance of having healthy and strong hair and how Lolane can help you achieve it.

Film advertisement created by BBDO, Thailand for Lolane, within the category: Beauty.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok, Thailand
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