The last question in the history of Yahoo Answers

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April 2021


On April 20, 2021, Yahoo Answers, the Yahoo Question Forum, closed permanently. For 16 years it answered the most common, useful and hilarious questions, leaving a legacy in the history of the internet. But not only that, it also left unanswered questions, such as the last one that was: What is KFC's secret recipe? Something that humanity has wondered for years,is now in history also for being the last question on the portal. The recipe patented by Colonel Sanders contains11 spices that make the crunchiest chicken of all, it is kept as a secret. The KFC secret recipe question will remain in history. The answer cannot be found on Yahoo Answers. But in KFC restaurants.

Film advertisement created by Ogilvy Miami, United States for KFC, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Miami, Ogilvy Argentina
CEO: Maximiliano Maddalena
Creative VP Ogilvy Miami: Chany D’Amelio
CCO Ogilvy Argentina: Hernán Jauregui
Creative Directors: Sergio Rio León, Ezequiel Irureta, Ezequiel Nastasi
Creative Team: Santiago Ameijeiras, Sofía Luque, Josefina Méndez, Gaia Mengos
Head of Operations Ogilvy Miami: Alan Ehrenhaus
Agency Producer Director: Gastón Sueiro
Agency Producer: Mili Salas
Music Company: Cuatro Nobles
Responsible for the client: Luiz Perl
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