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June 2021


For the Euro Games 2021, KFC France, partner of the French soccer team (FFF), is launching a new film. On the screen, no players, no tenders, but a chicken, at first sight quite common. We then discover his remarkable juggling skills, which are noticed by two demanding French farmers. It is under their expert eye, able to select the best elements, that this virtuoso chicken delicately juggles right leg, left leg, chest bunches and other tricks, with an egg as a ball, on the rhythm of the KFC music "Crispy".

Film advertisement created by Havas, France for KFC, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Havas Paris , Paris, France
Creative Director: Christophe Coffre
Art Director: Jordan Molina
Copywriter: Ludovic Miège
Strategic Planning: Romain Roux, Samia Gauvard
Sales Managers: Patrick Lecerf, Caroline Su, Aymeric Valadas, Claire Bouvet
Production: Carine Petit, Géraldine Tisserant
Creative Director Social Media: Leah Morse
Art Director Social Media: Baptiste Desplanque
Community Manager: Mathieu Borza
TV Producer: Benjamin Besnainou
Production/ Post Production: Digital District
Soundtrack: Hrcls
Directors: J&l
Post Producer: Dorothée Semezis
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