The first appeal of the technologies

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July 2020


In 30-50 years when technology literally gets its thoughts and data together, what would it tell us? Kaspersky glimpsed the future and found the answer. In a short futuristic film, created DDB Russia for Kaspersky, we were showed what the world would be like in the near future. A human will eradicate cyber threats as a phenomenon. There won’t be any hackers at all. And only organic coexistence of people and technology will establish. People will be able to concentrate on their arts and science. And that will have an impact on everyone from babies and dogs to smart bathroom. Every day when we open the news it's hard to believe that something good can happen to the world. But it will. If only technology has cyber-immunity and we the people have dreams. Then nothing can stop us from changing reality for the better together. Now the word to technology, in its first appeal.

Film advertisement created by DDB, Russia for Kaspersky, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: DDB Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation
Production: Hype
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