The Idea Behind Why Ideas Catch On

Agency Network: 
March 2021


Marketing has lost its way in recent years, advertising and communication are so cluttered that marketers are creating bad campaigns that are a waste of their time and the consumer’s time.
It used to be TV, outdoor, radio, and newspapers (remember those), now it’s catch up, social, AR, VR, SEO, CPC, CMS, CTR, and WTF? This book gives marketers and small business owners an easy-to-remember system to create campaigns that have human emotion, ownable messaging, unique offerings, and something their audience can keep and stay with them for years to come. HOOK is an acronym made up of 4 simple rules; Human, Offer, Ownable, and Keep. It’s about getting back to basics, what really gets people to engage with what you’re selling.

Film advertisement created by Magnum Opus Partners, Australia for HOOK, within the category: Professional Services.

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