PKU: Protein Kills Us

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April 2021


PKU is a rare, hereditary metabolic disease with no cure at the moment. Any protein food, such as meat, fish, milk or egg, must be eaten in extremely small quantities and with great precision. A wrong amount could cause irreversible brain damage.

PKU Foundation needed to raise funds to finance the design and development of a biosensor to help PKU patients to calculate how much they can eat to guarantee that these people eat in a safe, non-hazardous manner.

The day-to-day of patients in terms of their diet is so extremely strict that it could be a Sci-Fi movie. So we just did that: we created a fictional shortfilm that tried to bring the harsh reality of PKU patients closer to the public.

Film advertisement created by VMLY&R, Spain for Fundación PKU, within the categories: Health, Pharmaceutical, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: VMLY&Rx , Madrid/Barcelona, Spain
Executive Creative Director Of Innovation: Natxo Díaz
Head Of Art And Innovation: Leonardo Rincón
Ceo: Elvira Arzubialde
Consulting Director: Ana García-Abad
Copywriter: César Pérez
Copywriter: Adrián Pérez
Art Director: Alfonso Lügstenmann
Art Director: Nico Sierra
Designer: Verónica De La Calle
Art Director: Iban Retegi
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