May 2020

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This first film of the series of short films centers around the experience shared by the vast majority of humanity in these past few months, looking back, looking around us and looking to the future, and considering our shared “Love and Rage in Times of Corona”.

Reinvention and resilience became words to live by for members of the international movement. Before looking back, one truth must be assumed by all those who stayed at home for the sake of vulnerable members of society and the health service: staying at home does not make you a hero. What comes next, will. Staying at home didn’t make heroes, it opened eyes and made us feel #LoveAndRageinTimesofCorona. Everyone can be a hero: stop governments from going back to business as usual, help support global voices in the times of Corona.

The emergency began long before COVID19, the virus proved society could mobilize, and there’s #NoGoingBack

Producer: Flavia Broffoni / XR Argentina
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