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February 2021


Lately the Greek #metoo movement has been one of the main points of public discussion in Greece, becoming the Media’s No1 Subject and in some cases even surpassing COVID-19.

The main reason behind the belated Greek #MeToo breakthrough is that unfortunately, in Greece, sexual harassment is still surrounded by a lot of “grey areas”, as sexual education still has a lot of ground to cover.

Due to its position as the leading Greek condom, DUO, a brand with an outspoken commitment to sexual safety, aims to shine a different light on the issue, through a «regular» story that very quickly takes a very dark turn.

The campaign had a huge impact since young people started sharing it all over the Greek social media, opening a new discussion about sexual harassment and our perception of it as a phenomenon.

Film advertisement created by 4 Wise Monkeys, Greece for Duo, within the categories: Health, Personal Accessories.

Advertising Agency: 4 Wise Monkeys, Greece
Head Of Creative: Vaggelis Davitidis
Head Of Planning: Mark Aris
Copywriter: Ioannis Sfetsos
Art Director: Giannis Chatzichristou
Account Director: Ioli Papaderou
Production Company: White Room
Head of Production: Loukas Valentis
Director: Michalis Aristomenopoulos
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