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October 2010


It’s easy to see there aren’t enough women in senior levels of business, but it isn’t easy to see the barriers they face. If we can start the conversation, we can start to create change.

Film advertisement created by FCB, Canada for Catalyst, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Creative Director: Robin Heisey
Art Director: Marilyn Davis
Copywriters: Sarah Wells, Lauren Miller, Shaun Roncken
Account Team: Stephanie Martins, Samantha Murphy, Lynn Chow, Liz Ashworth
Broadcast Producer: Judy Hamilton
Production Company: Industry Films
Exec Producer: Joan Bell
Director: Jonathan Bensimon
Dop: Jonathan Bensimon
Editing House: Stealing Time
Editor: Geoff Ashenhurst
Transfer Facility: Alter Ego
Colourist: Eric Whipp
Online Facility: Stealing Time
Music House: Rmw
Flash Developer / After Effects Artists: Darren Achim
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Nice demonstration. But so what?

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Enough, I'm sick and tired of this lie. Nowadays, women are the ones who make barriers to the others on their path. They now have important positions everywhere and they have started their own rules. I'm not saying that men are now victims, far from there. Women are not victims like they pretend to be. Look around you and compare to what they were during the WWII. Nothing is similar, because they have everything they need and a lot more.

I have more pity for immigrants and elders. I really hope they will stop spreading the word about how victims they are. It's *&*?& over.

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Couldn't agree more!

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i have to agree. there a more women, who close the door in front of other women than actually men doing this.
maybe there are so afraid to loose theire positions. i don't no, but live is not always a huge plate of cupcakes.

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could ve been nice

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This commercial is 50 years late.

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catalyst is "working with businesses and the professions to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women at work."

I think besides opinions about women's place in the society nowadays.
Advertisers did their job.

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PSA's are all fcb ever does in Canada. They've also been recently singled out in NY as one of the networks top 5 worst agencies.

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Give me a break. I agree with what the general sentiment is here, this is way overplayed and certainly not true today.

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I like the ad.

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There aren't any barriers in a kitchen. *shrugs*

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Afraid you won't get any more warm meals that's why you prefer to remain anonymous?

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Totally agree with Tzuik, this ad could be more efficient in the late '50s. NOT today.

It's been proven that women have more success in high school, college and universities, especially in medecine. I always worked with female manager. I'm REALLY surprised that they still make an ad campaign to break the barriers...what barrier? Gay men have a lot more of barriers than them.

One of the last things they need to feel equal is being elected as president of the US, and this is not sexism if they are not there. They just need to prove they are good enough to get this position and never succeded yet. They won't elect a women for her beautiful eyes. They need to work harder.

And no, there are not pigs here, who knows if this is a man writing down right now.

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